Keith S., Bluffdale, UT

I recently relocated to Utah and had a very difficult time finding a good trustworthy Optometrist. I lucked out and chose to go to Valley View Vision to see Dr. Graham. Read more

    Dr. Graham was very professional and thorough during my eye examinations. She explained everything in detail and was very precise regarding my eye health and contact/glasses prescription. I have seen multiple Optometrists that were super quick but Dr. Graham took the time to make sure I had the proper prescription that best fit my eyes. The entire staff was very professional and accommodating and kept in constant communication regarding appointments and my contact/glasses order. I did not only find a trustworthy Optometrist for myself but for my entire family.

Holly R., Riverton, UT

Great doctor, high tech equipment, very thorough exam, friendly staff.

Joseph T., Riverton, UT

Dr. Graham and her staff provide excellent service both in the technical execution of their profession as well as their courteous and attentive customer service.Read more

    I've never had to wait long, and Dr. Graham's willingness to listen to what a patient has to say is unmatched. Thanks for the years of great service!

Courtney A., Riverton, UT

They are always helpful and nice. I love how they say they will call you back and they actually do. That is a great thing.

Shannon Z., Riverton, UT

I've seen Dr. Graham for two years now, and have great experiences every time I am there. She does her best to stay on time with her appointmentsRead more

    and she takes time to build a personal relationship with each patient. The office staff has always been very friendly and helpful with any insurance questions I have.

Sandy, Herriman, UT

Prior to starting kindergarten my son took his eye exams at our family practice doctors office, with a young girl assisting with the eye exam my son passes without any problems.Read more

    After being in Kindergarten for a month the school performed eye exams on all the children, my son struggled with a few lines so I took him back to the Dr’s office. Once again he took the test with one eye covered at time, naming shapes as they became smaller and smaller (he was too young to recognize some of his letters so they used shapes) from the poster on the door. He was able to pass the eye exam at the Dr’s office for the second time. It wasn’t until my 9 year old daughter started to complain about her eye vision that I went in to see Dr. Graham. I thought it would be a good idea to have all of my children receive an eye exam from Dr. Graham. After 2 passes eye exams we found that my son now starting 1st grade had terrible vision and needed glasses. I look back now and I feel horrible as my son struggled with reading and homework during his kindergarten year. Just last week I received a weekly progress note from my sons 1st grade teacher letting me know what a great reader my son is. I know without the help of his glasses he would still be struggling in school. Thanks Dr. Graham!